Going Green for Lent

For lent this year I thought instead of giving up chocolate or alcohol – the standard “things you try and give up to loose weight but fail miserably at” stuff – I though why not plastic!

Much easier said then done I soon discovered……..

With only 11 days left of 40 this is what I have learnt.

  1. Giving up plastic is impossible, as depressing at that sounds and whilst I am sure there are a few people on this planet of millions that can do it, for us normal people it is not an easy thing to just do.
  2. A million people doing something imperfectly is better then one person doing it perfectly. If we all tried to reduce our plastic it would make a huge difference and some can do more than others.
  3. What we buy is key, simple choices can make a huge difference. I was doing my online shop and needed more tinned tomatoes, I usually get the cheapest (my supermarkets own) but realised as I was clicking it into my shopping basket that the pack of four came wrapped up in plastic. So I went for the next least expense which came in a cardboard box. Simples.
  4. Consumers have a huge say in what is sold because if it didn’t buy it the stores would stop stocking it. So if we all made simple changes and picked products that were packaged in a better way the stores would soon change how they packaged things.
  5. Staying at home means you can do more, I would not have had time if I was still working to do a lot of what I have done. Making bread, washing nappies these things take time and when you are running around working, picking up babies/toddlers, and trying to keep a relationship in check I have to say reducing your plastic waste becomes the least of your concerns!

So what changes have I made over the past 29 days:

  • Reusbale nappies, we started using these in February rather than 29 days ago but they are still relatively new to our little world. We got a trial pack from the council with two different types in so we could give them a go before spending out money on them. All councils should do this!
  • Re-usable wipes, we’ve been using these for hands and faces since we started weaning but never made the jump to bums. Having now done it I’m not sure why we didn’t do it sooner but that will probably be because I was worried about the mess and the cleaning. It really isn’t that bad.
  • Cleaning products, how much plastic do these use! I’m constantly chucking them away and they are often not recyclable. I have come across a UK company that provides concentrated refills through the post, and they also repurpose the pouches they come in. Winning on this one
  • Monthly girly stuff (also know as sanitary products). Now this was a big one for me, not really sure why now that I have done it. I have friends who use the cup very happily but I never liked the idea of it. Then comes along re-usable pads, easy especially with the washing I just add them to the nappies and wipes. As an added plus they are super comfortable.

A few small changes but it is amazing the impact it has had on our waste bin, instead of being completely full every other week it is now only half full every other week. That’s massive to see the difference there. So whilst I didn’t manage to give up plastic for lent and I am pleased with the changes our household has been able to make so far. Now I need ideas for more changes to make!

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