The Journey Begins

Thanks for taking the time to find my blog!  After running my own business while trying to start a family and then during my “maternity leave” I came to conclusion that I just didn’t like what I was doing anymore.  I hated taking my little girl to nursery, coming home and trying to focus on something that just no longer held my interest.

I was very lucky when my husband said why don’t you just stop?  I was lucky that financially we could do that and that he would support me in it.

So at the beginning of February my time with my then 13 month old daughter started and what an experience the past couple of months have been.

After various conversations with other mums, whether they are at home like me or working in the city and juggling life in a whole different way, I came to one conclusion………

I am way over qualified to be “just a mum” and I also so amazing under-qualified to be solely a mum!!

I have a professional qualification, I am used to managing teams on large jobs, managing staff appraisals, supporting adults with their careers…… I have no idea how to entertain a toddler.  I don’t have an early years education like the wonderful staff at the nursery she now no longer goes to.   As I write this the missy moo has just chucked her breakfast cereal on the floor for the dog to eat, so I rest my case (should probably not be typing while she is eating – also a factor).

I spend my days trying to work out how to entertain her and on sunny days it is easy we go to the zoo or the park epic mumming for the day done.  On wet days, aaarrgghhh, you wake up, you look outside the window ad you think “it’s going to be one of those days”.

I certainly don’t have the answers but I wanted a place where I could share the bits that I find work for me in the hopes they will help someone else.  Being on a bit of an eco kick at the moment I also wanted to share what I’ve tried, as well as share our story into parenthood – it’s one at lot of people can relate to (1 in 8 people to be precise).

So if you do find this blog I hope you enjoy the inane metal wonderings of this over-qualified, under-qualified mumma x

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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