30 Days Wild

The Missy Moo and I are taking up the challenge – can we do something wild everyday for June… Keep up with our progress here!

Day 1 – we took advantage of the sunshine and had a family day out at Rushmere Country Park. Lots of wildlife see, including a perfect Robin sitting on a tree and great fun had in the outdoors with both the Missy Moo and Dudders coming back filthy. This is what happens when a toddler falls over in soil and sand a lot (its the first time she has ever really got mucky so was a new mum experience for me as well) and when the dog finds a pond to play in!

Day 2 – being a Sunday and having tired missy moo from yesterday’s exploring we opted for a quite one. We are very lucky to have a lot of wildlife around is so spent some time looking out the window and enjoying the birds of prey looking for lunch. I think this one is a red kite but my picture taking skills leave a lot to be desired!

Bird of prey

Day 3 – We spent the day out in the garden today enjoying the sunshine and the noise of the outdoors and practicing our painting and paddling skills.

Day 4 & Day 5 – We didn’t get much done Tuesday or Wednesday as the Missy Moo had decided sleep was for wimps and was super tired and grouchy 😭

Day 6 – A zoo day. We love our zoo days, lots of interesting animals to see and lots of different noises to hear. Plus its a safe space for an active toddler to run around.